In terms of Rule 3 (2) of the Rules of Business, 1973, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan was pleased to approve the creation of Inter Provincial Coordination Division in the Cabinet Secretariat w.e.f. 19th March, 2007. The IPC related functions of the Cabinet Division were transferred to the Inter Provincial Coordination Division at the time of its creation. Subsequently, it was made a full-fledged Ministry w.e.f. 3rd November, 2008. Due to 18th Amendment, the functions of the Ministry of IPC have been increased. Necessary amendments have been made in the Rules of Business, 1973.




1.       General coordination between the Federal Government and the Provinces in the economic, cultural and administrative fields.
2.     Promoting uniformity of approach in formulation of policy and implementation among the Provinces and the Federal Government in all fields of common concern.
3.        Discussions of policy issues emanating from the Provinces which have administrative or economic implications for the country as a whole.
4.         All Secretarial work for Council of Common Interests and their committees.
5.         Any other matter referred to the Division by a Province or any of the Ministry or Division of the Federal Government.
6 &7    Omitted vide SRO 1088(I)/2011, (4-14/2011-Min-I) dated 09.12.2011.
8.         Omitted vide SRO 850(I)/2014, (4-5/2013-Min-I) dated 25.09.2014.
9.         Malam Jabba Ressort Ltd.
10.       Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council Islamabad.
11,12&13. Omitted vide SRO 1088(I)/2011, (4-14/2011-Min-I) dated 09.12.2011.
14.       Inter Board Committee of Chairmen, Islamabad.
15-19. Omitted vide SRO 1088(I)/2011, (4-14/2011-Min-I) dated 09.12.2011.
20.       Medical, nursing, dental, pharmaceutical, para-medical and allied subjects;-
            (a)        education abroad; and
            (b)        educational facilities for backward areas and for foreign nationals,
                        except the nomination of candidates from Federally Administered Tribal Areas      for admission to Medical College.
21-29. Omitted vide SRO 1088(I)/2011, (4-14/2011-Min-I) dated 09.12.2011.
30.       {Transferred to Human Resource Development Division vide S.R.O. No. 1001(I)2011, (F.No.4-10/2011), dated 27-10-2011}.
31. to 34. Omitted vide SRO788(I)/2011 (F.No.4/10-2011-Min-I) dated 23.08.2011.
35.       Legislation covering all aspects of sports affairs and matters ancillary thereto.
36.       Administrative control of Board established for the promotion and development of sports under the Sports (Development and Control) Ordinance, 1962 (XVI of 1962).
37.       Pakistan Sports Board (PSB).
38.       Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).
39.       International exchange of students and teachers, foreign studies and training and international assistance in the field of education.
40.       Omitted vide SRO 389 (I)/2013 dated 15.05.2013 (F.No.4-5/2013-Min-I).
41.       Dealing and agreements with other countries and international organizations in matters relating to Youth Exchange Programmes (External).
42.       National Internship Programme.
43.       National Volunteer Movement.
144.      Paralympics.


Added vide SRO 634(I)/2016 (F. No. 4-2/2016-Min-I), dated 22.7.2016.